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We have had visitors come to the school to deliver assemblies and talk to our students.

Some of them include:

– Tia Rose and Elwyn Boyle from the Barking Learning Centre

Tia and Elwyn delivered an assembly to our year 10s and 11s about career prospects and guidance. They covered all of the options students have in terms of further and higher education, and the huge variety of things that are possible for them to pursue after they leave school, including BTECs and apprenticeships. They discussed how the university route is not the only path to obtaining a career and brought in a young lady with them who is currently doing an apprenticeship with the council, to discuss her experiences etc.

– Natasha and Nneka from NCS

Two representatives, Natasha Petrou and Nneka Patrick from the NCS (National Citizenship Service) came to visit our year 11s to introduce themselves and explain the activities that the NCS provides during the summer holidays. They also carried out a CV workshop about what students should include and not include in your CV, and held practical interviews with them, performing in the role of an employer with the students as the prospective employee, pointing out key factors such as body language and positivity.

– PC Faith Officers

PC Shahnuaz Miah and PC Sultan Malik from the Metropolitan Police Service came to talk about crime to the Year 11s during their sociology lesson. They spoke about the kind of cases they deal with and about violence and aggression in society. Students were encouraged to ask any questions that they had, and the result was a comfortable and informal session, giving students the opportunity to understand the roles and responsibilities of the police constabulary and the challenges that they encounter.

– ARC Theatre

On Thursday 24th November, performers from Arc Theatre came to Lady Aisha Academy and delivered an interactive presentation and a short play on staying safe online. Children learnt how to use the internet and social media sites responsibly, and were made aware of stranger danger. They were reminded of the consequences of cyberbullying, and of posting things online which could have a negative impact on their reputation. As Natalie Smith said at the end of the assembly – if you don’t want your grandmother to see it, don’t post it!

– Yasmin from Amin&Yasmin Limited

Yasmin came to Lady Aisha Academy to deliver an assembly on deaf awareness. She spoke a little bit regarding the difficulties that people face who cannot hear, and she taught us the basics of sign language, including how to spell your name and sign out various phrases. She also taught us how to sign certain Islamic phrases such as Masha’Allah, Subhanallah, and Allahu Akbar in sign language. Our students spent the rest of the day signing their names and speaking in sign language to each other!

– Penny Taberman, the Accident Prevention Project Officer from London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Penny came to deliver a whole school interactive assembly on road safety last Monday, which was aimed at young teenagers. Students were told anecdotes of people who had been in accidents for not looking carefully before crossing and were given advice on how to cross roads safely. They were shown pictures on a PowerPoint presentation and were asked to identify hazards, i.e people crossing whilst looking at their phones, or wearing headphones etc. She finished off with two words for everyone: Arrive Alive!

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