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The school uniform for Lady Aisha Academy consists of the following:
  • Burgundy full-sleeved loose-fitting jilbaab with school logo;
  • Standard loose-fitting black trousers (No jeans, leggings, pyjamas etc allowed under the jilbaab);
  • Black blazer with school logo;
  • Black cardigan with school logo (to be worn under blazer). Hoodies are not allowed;
  • Plain black hijab. Headscarves must be securely tied at all times. Scarf buns are not allowed;
  • Plain black, grey or blue socks;
  • Plain flat black shoes (no heels or boots), no coloured laces. Trainers are not acceptable;
  • All clothing should be neat and tidy and in a good ironed state;
  • Coats should preferably be black – leather and denim jackets are not allowed.
PE Kit
  • Black jogging bottoms (loose);
  • Black T-shirt / kameez (loose, long sleeve and knee length);
  • Black sweatshirt;
  • Black trainers preferably running shoes;
  • Pull-on black scarf.

Parents who are not happy for their daughter to go out to the park for PE without a jilbaab should provide a separate black jilbaab. This jilbaab should be short enough to allow the girls to run around, knee length preferably.

All pupils will be expected to follow the school dress code and uniform as stated above on any educational visits which are organised by the school.

There should be no makeup, nail varnish, contact lenses, eye liner, collyrium (surma) or jewellery other than one pair of small plain gold or silver stud earrings or sleepers and a watch. If any make-up is worn students will be asked to remove it immediately.

The school blazer, jilbaab and cardigan will need to be purchased from Oceans Design, 10 Watney Street, London E1 2PR. Telephone: 0207 702 8881.

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