Teaching Philosophy

The school’s focus will be in 5 areas:

  1. Knowledge

    Islamic Sciences and GCSE Subjects

  2. Skills

    Writing, Speaking (Oracy), Building Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar, Problem Solving, working independently.

  3. Building Character

    Confidence, Developing Empathy, Preferring Others, Good Opinion of people, Contentment and Gratefulness.

  4. Feedback and Target Setting

    Pupils will constantly be given verbal and written feedback in order to identify weaknesses and strengths and how they may improve and progress. The high level of feedback will be made possible due to small class sizes. Setting of SMART Targets will also enhance progression.

  5. AFL (Assessment for Learning)

    AFL techniques will also be incorporated into lessons to enhance teaching and learning. The lessons will be interactive with pupils being encouraged to actively participate in order to build confidence and verbal fluency.The key emphasis of the school will be the quality of teaching and learning taking place. We have a desire that all pupils fulfil their potential. Every child can improve and will do so given the proper environment.

The school intends to provide parents with an annual written report of the progress and attainment of each registered child in the main subject areas taught.