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Vaccination Dates

Flu injection (halal): Friday 19th November 2021

Year 8 HPV first dose: Tuesday 4th January 2022

Year 9 Meningitis ACWY & DTP: Monday 31st January 2022

Year 8 HPV second dose: Wednesday 6th July 2022


Applications for Year 6 pupils

Applications are now open for students who would like to apply for Year 7 2022 – 2023. Please submit your daughter’s application (including school reports) by Friday 17th December. Entrance tests will take place in January. Thank you.


Adverse weather conditions

In case of really bad weather such as heavy snow, our most likely course of action will be that the school will remain open and running, and students should come in when they can, as soon as possible.


Healthy Eating

We have decided to start a healthy eating scheme as we are concerned about the number of sweets, crisps and sugary drinks the pupils consume. The above mentioned foods will not be allowed on school premises except on Wednesdays.


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