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We have been involved in various community projects, both extra-curricular and as part of the curriculum.


Seabrooke Manor Care Home

Our year 9 students went to visit the elderly residents of Seabrooke Manor Care Home in March. We are currently looking to arrange regular visits from our school, for our students to visit the residents. We hope for this to be a positive experience for them and to help them become more socially aware and understand the importance of community engagement.

CleanUp UK litter-pick

Year 11s took part in a litter-pick session with the Cleanup UK charity on Wednesday 25th January, as part of their GCSE Citizenship Studies assessment. Pupils wore hi-vis jackets and used litter pickers to collect rubbish from the surrounding roads outside school. Other than the usual litter (crisp packets, tissue and bottles), they also discovered some peculiar items, such as a saucepan lid, an old household bin, and a doormat which had been thrown out onto the pavement.

By end of half-hour session, the pupils had gathered six bags of litter (plus the discarded bin!). These were collected later on in the afternoon by Redbridge Council’s refuse team. Pupils also the opportunity to interview Neeta Konagaratnom, the charity representative, to ask about the work she does and the success of the charity.


Nearly every year, Lady Aisha engages in a fundraising competition, selling a variety of food, desserts and drinks to raise money for various charities.

2022 – 2023 Lonely Orphans/Shelter/Bernardos ongoing
2021 – 2022 Malawi Relief Fund/Refugee Action £1,143.00
2018 – 2019 Ummah Welfare Trust £1,212.74
2016 – 2017 Ummah Welfare Trust £5,701.90
2015 – 2016 Orphans In Need £3425.52
2013 – 2014 Islamic Relief – Gaza Appeal £515.30

Visitors to the School

  • Sulayman Uddin from Shelter on raising awareness of homelessness
  • Penny Taberman from Accident Prevention Project (London borough of Barking and Dagenham) on Road Safety
  • Zoulfa Katouh (author of As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow) on publishing and writing as a career
  • Aaliyah Shaikh from Rahmah Counselling held a session with our Year 10 students regarding dealing with anxieties, pressures and mental health issues
  • ARC theatre delivered a short production on cyberbullying and staying safe online
  • Yasmin from Amin&Yasmin Ltd delivered an assembly on Sign Language and raising awareness for people who have hearing difficulties
  • Ms Lily Tang from the Cambridge Core Maths Support Programme who came in to do a presentation on Core Maths to year 9 and 10 and to speak to them about Maths related career options post 16.
  • Community Engagement Officer Sultan Malik came to speak to Year 10s and 11s as part of their Sociology course about his role, projects he has organised in Barking and Dagenham and answered a Q&A session regarding careers in the police force.
  • Councillor Cameron Geddes (Barking and Dagenham) spoke to Year 11 for their Citizenship course regarding the local authority’s duties to homeless people and Reverend Steven Hanna, from St Elizabeth’s Church regarding how to help homeless people in the community
  • Police Sergeant Ian Lee did a whole assembly on knife crime in schools.
  • National Citizenship Service delivered a workshop on CV writing and Interview Skills to Year 11

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