Some of the criteria for admissions is mentioned below:

1)      Pupils hold the values of Islam in high esteem.

2)      Pupils are expected to have good manners and be courteous to others.

3)      Pupils to show respect for staff, visitors and other pupils.

Lady Aisha Academy is not suitable for every child. We do not select according to academic ability but according to manners, attitude and work ethic. We believe one of the main purposes of education is to develop good character. Therefore pupils who have a history of behavioural problems, rudeness, poor attitude to work and a tendency to talk about immoral subjects will find it difficult to be admitted to or remain at our school.


For entry into academic year  2018-19

Please download and complete our Pupil Application Form 2018-19 and email to [email protected] with a copy of daughter’s most recent school report. Alternatively you may post both the form and report to: Lady Aisha Academy, 2 Victoria Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8PY

Our admissions process consists of the following three stages:

  1. 1. ENTRANCE TEST: Upon successful review of the application, the prospective pupil will be invited for tests in English and mathematics.
  2. 2. INTERVIEW WITH HEADTEACHER: Pupils who pass the entrance test will be offered an interview with the headteacher. This will provide families with the opportunity to ask questions and also have a tour of the school.
  3. 3. REGISTRATION: Submission of all documentation, and the payment of the registration fee. This final stage secures a place at the school.


For entry into academic year  2017-18

Admissions process as above, however please complete Pupil Application Form 2017-18

Fee info sheet 2017-18

Fee info sheet 2018-19


Our admissions policy and parental handbook are available upon request.